“We are committed to a world where plastic has a place, as long as it is reusable.”
Jesus Salamo Hernández | Founder's / CGO

Within this sector, we have a specialized department that is dedicated to the distribution of plastics, with PET being our flagship product.

Due to long-standing and highly trusting partnerships with our collectors around the world, we are able to offer top-quality recyclates in large quantities.

recycled plastic
An ecologically sustainable alternative.

We supply different types of recycled and recyclable plastics that are presented in bales, ground or pelletized. All types of recycled products go through a specialized process that ensures high quality and conservation of the most important properties. This product is a profitable alternative that promotes a circular economy and is ecologically sustainable to the detriment of virgin PET.

Variety of recycled plastics:

VIRGIN plastic
For the most demanding products.

We work with the most important and demanding petrochemical companies in the sector. This product is ready to be used in manufacturing on the day it arrives at our customer's plant.

Variety of virgin plastics:

- PET;
- PP;
- PVC.

Petroquímicas con las que mantenemos relaciones comerciales:

Petrochemical companies with which we maintain business relationships:

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